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Best-Gum is an Italian company specialized in the making of rubber gaskets with different kinds of compounds for industrial applications. Our main focus is the making of custom part according to the requests of the customer.

The main target markets for our products are the Automotive, medical, food, mechanical, chemical, hydraulic and electronic industries.

Best-Gum was founded in 1987 in Paratico (BS), a town that belongs to the so called “Rubber Valley”, an excellence district in the rubber and plastic industry. This strategic position allows immediate contact with raw material suppliers, tool makers and companies specialized in services for the rubber industry.

As a demonstration of its effort to maintain high quality standards, Best-Gum employs a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015. Best-Gum is also certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015 and for its activities it uses 100% energy from renewable sources.

Automatic Inspection

When the shape and the dimension of the product allows it, the sorting is carried out with automatic visual inspection machines, capable of identifying dimensional and surface defects, in order to ensure a zero-defect quality level.

Manual Sorting

If shape and dimension of the product do not allow the automatic sorting, our experienced personnel carries out the manual sorting of the parts with lamps with magnifying glasses and screens showing images of the defects.


The post-curing treatment is an important phase of the process that allows the removal of volatiles and the stabilization of some properties of the parts, such as hardness and compression set. Depending on the geometry and the shape of the product, the post-curing is carried out in rotating drums or on static grids, in order to ensure a proper heating treatment.
Quality Inspection
Careful quality tests are carried out throughout the entire process: dimensional measurements, density, hardness (SHORE and IRHD), compression set, etc.
The packaging of the finished parts is customized according to the requests of our customers: quantity, packaging condition, labeling, etc.

Customer service
Our team of experts will be on hand providing solutions or useful tips for every need.
BEST-GUM s.n.c - Headquarters: Via Prati,5-24067 Sarnico (BG) Production.: Via Foppe,19-25030 Paratico (BS) - Tel 035.910.784 - Fax 035.914.030 C.F. e P.IVA 01743210161
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